About The Partnership


What is the Pound Ridge Partnership?

The Pound Ridge Partnership is an independent, non-partisan, community based organization aimed at bringing together residents, business owners, landlords, and community leaders to support and improve the Pound Ridge Business District. The Pound Ridge Partnership is led by an energetic group of volunteers committed to the mission and vision of the Pound Ridge Partnership. Please join our e-mail list if you would like to receive meeting invitations, event notifications, and periodic newsletters.

Vision Statement

The Pound Ridge Partnership envisions a thriving, vibrant and attractive business district that meets the needs of Pound Ridge residents for goods and services. We envision the Pound Ridge Business District as a gathering place for Pound Ridge residents of all genres, including families and children, and as a destination for residents from other communities who come to enjoy the unique, country atmosphere of the district and take part in its retail and dining experience featuring arts, antiques, and local produce and cuisines. Join our e-mail list and subscribe to our blog!

For information about becoming a member of the Pound Ridge Partnership please email: info@poundridgepartnership.org

Board Members

James Best
President of the Board of Directors
Susan Grissom
Board Member
Terri Pike
Board Member
Ali Boak
Board Member
Colette Dow
Board Member
Christopher Boey
Board Member
Melinda Velez
Board Member
Tanja Vogel
Secretary Board Member